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Society for the Preservation of Antique Radio in Canada

Riverdale TV series to air

The first episode of the new television series “Riverdale” will air Thursday, January 26 at 9pm on the CW network. The SPARC Radio Museum provided many of the props (televisions and microphones) for this locally filmed series. Riverdale is a subversive re-imagining of the old Archie comics. It’s a whole different kind of take says… Read the full article

De-acquistions and Promotional Items

Please check our listing of duplicates, de-acquisitioned and promotional items for sale in the store. Revenue generated supports the operation of the radio museum. SPARC members receive a 30% discount on de-acquisition item prices. These items have not been restored and sold as-is unless otherwise noted.

Patterson restoration wins second place

Kudos to the team of Pat Jones, Craig Marston and Gerry O’Hara for the restoration of a Patterson Model 308, which was awarded second place in the 2015 International Radio Restoration Contest. This annual event is sponsored by the Quebec Society for Vintage Radio Collectors. A contest dedicated to the restoration of old radios and… Read the full article

The Philco Wreck

An interesting acquisition at the museum (Really! It is an acquisition!) is a Philco Model 20. Our restoration volunteers are truly gifted, but there are limits. We loved this example of the ravages of a leaky barn so much, that the decision was made to make it a display item as is. The photo here… Read the full article

Record Cleaner Added to the Collections

A friend of the Museum came across this curio, and thought it should have a place at SPARC. It is an old record cleaner, carrying the “Nipper” logo. Notice that the company name is The Gramophone Company — it does not say RCA Victor, or even Victor. It is much older than we first thought,… Read the full article

Guides on the Air – February 21st

On February 21st, several Lower Mainland troops of Girl Guides will be visiting the Coquitlam Amateur Radio Club facilities, where they will be communicating with other guide troops around the world for an annual event-   This event is always held as close to February 22, as possible. After the radio contacts, the girls will be… Read the full article

Chisholm Industries Limited

Authors: Gerald Taylor & Gerry O’Hara – 2008 A Local Vancouver Manufacturer of Radio Products and Black & White Televisions 1933 – 1964 For three decades in the middle of the 20th century, Chisholm Industries Ltd. manufactured radios, Hi-Fi sets, TVs and assorted electronic equipment in the Vancouver, British Columbia region on the west coast… Read the full article

Remembering Jack Watson

Pictured here on the cover of Senior Living Magazine, in February 2008, Jack greets you, holding a broadcast transcription. Jack’s passion was for the golden days of radio broadcasting – its music, history, and the wealth of entertainment it brought into our homes. His weekly contribution to the SPARC Museum will be missed by all… Read the full article

Annual Treefest on the Riverview Grounds

Treefest is put on by the Riverview Horticultural Society in the Fall. The Riverview Hospital land is home to a huge variety of tree types, making a yearly festival of conducted tree tours, and other horticultural displays and talks, a well-attended occasion. Interestingly, our Museum building is also in the Riverview grounds. The Treefest organizers… Read the full article

The 2010 Conference of the Western Association of Broadcast Engineers (WABE)

SPARC has an excellent collection of vintage broadcast equipment, mostly donated by Vancouver area radio stations. It’s the gear that brings radio programs to your homes, cars, and MP3-FM players. This year we received a generous invitation from the host WABE organization to set up a display of our items on their exhibition floor, at… Read the full article