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The Story of the West Coast Radio Service 1906 to 1956
by Larry L. Reid

It was a time of hardship for the lonely operators, technicians and families who manned the stations at very desolate coastal points.

One can only imagine the drama and excitement for the men and women who built and maintained the first chain of shore radio stations along the British Columbia coast from Victoria to Prince Rupert.

Larry Reid has produced a unique record of the evolution of Canada’s West Coast Radio Service. He spent many long hours scanning old files, photographs, letters, official documents and correspondence to compile this wonderful piece of Canadiana. He has captured the mood of a period and some very special people who made an enormous contribution to the stability of our growing country in the early part of this century.

We stand on the shoulders of these wonderful pioneers who made it all happen. The tradition of commitment and dedication of the people involved in the radio service is as evident in the age of digital communications as it was with pioneer days of ship to shore “spark” telegraphy. The wireless of yesterday has become the cellular radio and satellite communications of today.

Edited from the forward by J. Farrell Hopwood

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