S.P.A.R.C. Museum

Society for the Preservation of Antique Radio in Canada

DSC01959When restoring a radio it is extremely helpful (almost essential) to have the correct schematic and service information at your fingertips. For the home restorer, the internet has made sourcing this type of information much easier in recent years, with scans of many such documents, trade journals and technical books now ‘on-line’ or available on CD or DVD. However, it is even better to have access to the original documents as on-line scans can be of inferior quality with many components illegible. The SPARC Museum library has a full set of ‘Rider’s’ manuals and RCC information available for consultation by the repair technician, as well as tube-data manuals, and manufacturer’s data.

In addition, the library is well-stocked with multiple volumes of magazines and journals such as ‘Radio Craft’, ‘Wireless World’, ‘Practical Wireless’, as well as ‘TCA’, ‘QST’, ‘CQ magazine’ and ‘Short Wave Magazine’ (and many others). The technical reference library includes many classic radio repair textbooks (test equipment, tubes, oscilloscopes, signal-tracing, etc.), as well as books on radio theory and history. There are even books on collecting radios and DVDs on radio restoration. All-in-all, well worth a browse on a wet Sunday afternoon…

Red Robinson

Latest addition to the library

Photo of the front page of vintage Radio Bulletin magazine