S.P.A.R.C. Museum

Society for the Preservation of Antique Radio in Canada

The Society for Preservation of Antique Radio in Canada (SPARC) is a registered non-profit society, dedicated to preserving radio and electronic communications artifacts and history with an emphasis on the Canadian perspective.

Many of the dramatic advances that have been achieved in technology and communications, are largely taken for granted by today’s young people. This is partly because they have not had the opportunity to see the evolution of the science and engineering behind the devices now in everyday use. This evolution  in modern consumer electronics has enabled millions of people across the globe to enjoy access to highly sophisticated technology such as handheld wireless communication devices at an affordable cost.

We maintain a museum accessible to the public, located on the Riverview Hospital grounds in Coquitlam, BC, Canada (just outside of Vancouver).

We provide restoration and repair services for old radios. Please contact us before bringing your set to the museum. Members may also use the facilities for restoration and repair of their own equipment upon approval of the Directors.

SPARC is a member of the British Columbia Museums Association and the BC Historical Federation.

The society is governed by its board of directors, supported by dedicated volunteers and members.

SPARC Directors for 2018:
President – Dave Miller
Vice President – Gerry O’Hara
Treasurer – Bruce Winter
Directors – Pat Jones; Brian Murtsell; Mel Porritt; Graeme Wright

SPARC is a museum participant in the international Radiomuseum.org.

Download a copy of our Printable SPARC Brochure

Senior Living Magazine article about SPARC [ please note: the website and e-mail references are no longer valid ]

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